Urban Flute Sample Hip-Hop rejected. What's the reason?

I would love to hear your opinion of why this track was rejected by AJ?
This one is also available in another stock music market place and gains sales there.

Is it too original / alternative?
Is the production quality bad?

Thank you so much!

I hear timing issues in the kick.

Maybe you did it intentionally and maybe that’s the reason for rejection

Yeah it’s intentionally. So AJ is not open minded for swaggy Dilla / Flying Lotus style drums? Everything should be on the grid to be accepted? :confused:

Maybe you should try and see yourself.
Good Luck!

listening to the tracks here…
The late kick could be nice if the rest was loose as well, but I think it does not go so well along with the fast and bright trap like hats.

This is really bothering me when listening to the track, instead of being “chill”, I am all “stressed” because of this, I only here this, so I am pretty sure this is one possible reasons of rejections.

I love slug basses, late hats, and Dilla … but here something is a bit distracting…


yes… I remember one of my first rejections was because of late hats, so I make them a bit more rigid… and … approved… but it was a corporate track.

With hiphop… I do what I want and it seems to be always approved, but I have never been so extreme in the timings.

By the way, I love your track… apart from this kick… I don’t want it to be quantized, but a bit less late would be perfect!

Listening to the track again, in fact I think the lazy kick is nice, but maybe only one one pattern out of 2?

Thanks for your feedback mate. I think I will work out a version with a more “on grid” beat and we will see if this will lead to approval. But I think I have to wait a few days before I resubmit the new version. Maybe, if I just change every second pattern it’s not sufficient enough to resubmit…