UpVote Info

Hi, new here, and I’m only here because I have nowhere else to go. I’ve searched all over online and never found this. I emailed support and still haven’t heard back. Does anyone know of any tutorials on the UpVote theme, or anything at all on it? The stuff I want to do with it seem simple enough, but the options aren’t there and it’s driving me nuts. I can’t believe I just spent $50 on something that came with no documentation, no tutorial, no FAQs, no way to look up how to do anything with it. I’m at a loss, and my project is on hold until I can figure this out, or I have a theme I bought I’ll never get to use. Not really looking for anyone to hire, just need pointed in the right direction. And if there’s no info like what I’m looking for, why?

Each theme should/must come with the documentation/help file. Check this how to find that file:

Also, if item author provides support for the item, check this how you can contact item author for additional help:

Yeah, it came with very basic documentation that told me what things were, which I easily figured out on my own, but not how to do things. I just want to move the elements around so that the site will look how I want it to look, but there are so many options that could and should be there that aren’t. I emailed them a week or so ago and haven’t heard back. I read somewhere that they typically don’t respond. I guess I’m done with this project. I’ll swallow that $50 and move on.