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I am trying to see if this theme will work for our website, and then my plan is to purchase it for the ongoing support and the updates…I downloaded via my subscription from envato. I imported in the demo but it does not seem to load all the sections of the page (I have done this twice now). and also, there is a testimonial section on the home page that I have no idea where I need to go to edit it (can only assume it is from their bad import). I have used other themes from upper and purchased them for different clients so I am used to their setup. Does any one have a good import file for theme? Cannot justify $70 to client to purchase and get continued support if the version I email me for information (removed)
Contact is form on their website is not working, and of course you cannot use even the forum with out a license. Hope someone can help as I like the theme…dont really want to spend the time rebuilding the pages if I can get good a good demo import.


Go to their themeforest profile, make sure you are logged in, and use the form on the bottom right

If something is in the demo then it should be in the main theme but only the author will be able to say for sure

Thank you - I have done that - I hope I get a response. Frustrating when you spend a lot of time on a site and the theme has a problem direct from the developer. I believe that the developers get some type of commission/monies from each of their items that are downloaded - I believe at least if they have a forum that should be available to envato members that download as part of a subscription. I know if I reach the point of supplying themes I will make the forums free, and direct support as part of the paid purchase…

Do they fix something with your problem? I downloaded the same template but the Home16 (Architecture) doesn´t appear in the file. I have the same problem with my client for the money spent. Hope they answer me on their Themeforest profile.