Uploading Themes to site

I have tried uploading themes of ThemeForest to my WP site so many times using ‘All files & documentation’ and 'Installable WP file only.

I get an error message saying 'The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.’

Can anyone advise please.

From the error message, it appears that you are trying to upload the theme as a plugin. Make sure to upload it as a theme (under Appearance > Themes > Add New).

I highly recommend checking out this excellent how-to by @WPExplorer if you need further help installing:


Hi @doesbiz

Seems to me you are trying to install the theme here:
Plugins => Add New
where you should to install from here (Installable WP file only):
Appearance => Themes => Add New

Hope will help.


Thank you.