Uploading the theme

Hi,i have bought the bauhaus theme for an architecture web.i am an architect very familiar with different softwares.I am wondering if I can upload the website myself following the steps or I need a professional to handle it being uploaded

You should be fine to do it - note you have to have your own domain and hosting with WP installed on it to use themes from here

Thanks for your response,is there a step by step guide online for that?

Because hosting setup and admins can be different the best option is to check the hosts help section/ask them about installing WordPress (make sure it’s installing in the main directory and not as a blog subdomain).

Once that is done you can go to your downloads on TF - click the download button and choose “installable WordPress files” then just add the theme from the WP admin panel (appearance > themes etc.)

Note the theme won’t look the same as the demo until you install demo data or your own content.

If you download the “all files” option then there will be documentation for the theme which should outline that process

Thanks to you, we have already uploaded the theme and things are set the only issue is with the different front pages from which we prefer the “full page” option.

Could you please give me some instruction how to choose the preferred front page of “Bauhaus Theme”?

Thank you.

Having never used the theme I wouldn’t know where to look but logic would suggest.

  1. Read the documentation with the theme which probably covers this

  2. I would guess that it is either among theme options or individual page templates

  3. ask the author https://themeforest.net/item/bauhaus-architecture-portfolio-wordpress-theme/12757262/support

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I con tatted the author you mentioned but they are publisher of another
"Bauhaus" theme which is an older one compare to the one I bought.
Would you please check if you have the contact of the other publisher of
the new Bauhaus.


Try this https://themeforest.net/item/bauhaus-architecture-interior-wordpress-theme/19905994/support