Uploading my new WPLMS

I want to know-how is the best way to start uploading my Theme and add-ons. Must I activate them at the same time, and what is a good way of learning and playing with my new website, to understand it.

Also, where is the best platform to ask for help or support?


Please check this helpful Theme Installation guide article:

to know more about theme bundle plugins and plugins add-ons please check theme documentation.

Almost all themes has a recommendation for active some plugins. So, you have to activate the recommend plugins to get full features. you can ignore activate some plugins if you don’t need those plugins features. Some plugins are required for the theme functionality and you must have to activate those.

For getting support for any technical issues the best is to contact your purchased item Author.

How to contact an author:


Thank you for the reply.

I did contact the Author of Vibe Themes, and they installed it for me.

How do I setup an account in my website for future help from other people, without giving them my primary username and password?

if you are talking about wp-admin account and access to get help from any support. Then you can create a new temp account from wp-admin => Users for the support and give them. Thanks

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Thank you

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