Uploading jQuery widget with generator


I want to upload a jQuery based widget to Codecanyon. The widget works by transforming a div element (with specific attributes) that the user pastes into his HTMLfile.

The live preview I designed also contains a jQuery generator for the code (with values the user can type/select). I want to upload the live preview to Codecanyon. Should I also upload the generator in the main item? Or just the script and instructions so the user will have to write his own values into the necessary code?

What about jQuery? I believe I am not allowed to upload it, so it’s ok just to reference it as a script link?


Hi Artorius,
You can include jQuery - and if you’ve already built the code generator you can include that in the download. It will be considered when pricing the item. If the generator is of considerable size, you can also sell it separately - but your best bet is probably including it with your item.


Thank you, Crusader12. I will also upload a jQuery.