Uploading Issue

I dont understand what envato want. I get this isue for two latest uploading process. Yesterday, i just renamed the file from homepage to home and it works, i mean i can uploaded after renaming the file

Today, I get same issue, I rename three time and still failed to upload. I provided the screenshoot in zip file, and the file still under 200mb, only 80mb

How to solve the issue please ?

may we know actually what error are you getting for Preview Screenshots? and can you share a screenshot of your Screenshots files name.

I dont understand what the the actually issue, but this is the link of the file Homepage.jpg - Google Drive

just for you know, the latest uploaded (encrypt template kit) has similiar issue. The problem is always pointed to the homepage.jpg / home.jpg

I dont know what the really problem with my homepage screenshoot file, but I did the same way for creating screenshoot like I did for my other template has been uploaded to the market

as I told before, yesterday I upload the “encrypt template kit” and I also got the issue, but by renaming the file name, the issue solved. But this way its not work for my current template (brandtop). I renamed the homepage screenshoot file three times, and still get error when uploading the kit

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for Template Kit:
If you mean Cover Image:
Save the Cover Image file as 01_coverimage.jpg at the recommended dimensions (Must be 3:2. Recommended 2340 x 1560 px) and use it as your Item’s Cover Image.

Preview Screenshots:
ZIP file of images (png/jpg). You can named like 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg then make a .zip named preview-screenshots.zip

Hope this will help.

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Thank for the advice, I’ll try :clap:

Hi, It gives me more issues and this is the issue Screenshot by Lightshot

I compress the jpg cover image to the zip file Screenshot by Lightshot and the resolution and dimension follow the rule Screenshot by Lightshot

I renamed the preview file in numbering Screenshot by Lightshot and it zipped named preview-screenshots.zip Screenshot by Lightshot

But the issue is more complex

Please help my community, whats going on with my account, why same problem always appear during uploading new stuff

You’re not supposed to zip the cover image.

Also, can you upload the preview-screenshots.zip file here please? I want to look at it.

Oke, thank for your attention. this is the file Brandtop Screenshoot.zip - Google Drive You can download it

That’s the wrong file, there’s no 1.jpg file inside that zip file. Please give me the exact file you were uploading in your screenshot above:

Actually the file is the same, because it was only renamed following the advice of @mgscoder, but you can download the zip file containing 1.jpg and others here preview-screenshots.zip - Google Drive

Thank you @baileyherbert

Hi @deverust,

Apologies! in themeforest required a .zip for Theme Preview but for template kit not require .zip. My mistake, please for Template kit cover image:
Save the Cover Image file as 01_coverimage.jpg at the recommended dimensions (Must be 3:2. Recommended 2340 x 1560 px) and upload 01_coverimage.jpg

Preview Screenshots should work and naming is not a problem there. please may we know the image size? images should not more than 900px but for template kit maybe 2340px in width.

No problem brother, here you can download the fille preview-screenshots.zip - Google Drive @mgscoder please help me to check to file

it fixed, i just follow my instinct to compress and resize the homepage file

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Hello there, it happen again, the problem was quite same , please see more bellow

I don’t know what problem with the both of guideline and homepage, but I have compressed it until it has file size under 1MB

Wanny see the file? here you can download it Spaceflex Screenshoot.zip - Google Drive

Any idea people ?

Better to go with Author support with the Preview Screenshots images.

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Oke thank you

There may be other issues going on (please do contact author support) but I can see right away the images in your zip are really large file size. Please try optimizing them - you may need to do it in Photoshop or similar first, then try running them through tinyjpg.com - the results should be under 1MB each.

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