Uploading first item XD and PSD template in envato

Hello Support,

I am trying to upload our XD template design on Envato themeforest but both items are rejected and gave only reason : https://p25.zdusercontent.com/attachment/470490/p6gcbsJdkU5kUyADerKjvcovI?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..1WJUFQLvYxJch2usRPwBJw.k6ZiL27V4f0-cuOu1DkqafmVhypcIBOxlakf62tI5Ecnrj1wZgFjPkA0E1_2mXqS_ZPoDmhsw5YAnDksJlHjjA2gKqKvq0omKy4fO44qQKbIGmoVgqKtvK4alqpRA343BHTAL34MpHklZpcdPpzdHNvv03tbumrLYz-Z0mjvKgpkQh328kUFQuCg3r077V5hsV3JA74j5kxGNCRjm5Vi5tdO7y8Dp7hvgOxSLdhX3tk2kf8Lout07nSKepFkZoYc5LyXN2WsRU9spPTdxMJlCQ.WHm0gwHERdpFSOl7q6ANaw

Please check attached screenshot.

Can you please let me know what quality you are checking for the XD templates?

If you want, I can share the design template also.

Please help.


It’s impossible to comment without seeing the design

Don’t share the original source files but you can share a preview image here if you want feedback

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Thanks for the reply.

Here is the preview image of both items:

Please let me know what is wrong in the items.


Please let me know what is the issue in our template?

You can’t submit items which are downloadable for free elsewhere.

I have submitted mybagstar template on template monster also and they approved our design and its now live, what about another one? it’s not available anywhere.

Any update? Please let me know.

Maybe in XD category where expectation is lower,
but it wouldn’t pass in regular HTML or other categories

Hi Charlie,

I have uploaded the HTML template and they rejected HTML template also and said:
We have completed our review of “Glamup HTML5 Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Here is the demo of our template,
Can you please guide me on why its rejected?

Hello Support,

Please let me know what is wrong with this HTML.


Please let me know

With respect, the overall design feels very fragmented and dated.

There are issues with basics like typography e.g. mixed up font types and styling, spacing, hierarchy etc. throughout

Having a blog preview with no post feels or footer nav links with no pages unfinished and is a reviewer pet hate

You cannot use copyrighted or trademarked product shots

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Hi Charlie,

We have enhanced our design quality in our new HTML template. Here is the demo of our product:

But it’s rejected again and only mentioned that
Unfortunately, your template does not provide the necessary design quality to compete in the marketplace at this time. Themeforest has higher standards in terms of aesthetics and attention to details.

As higher quality items become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.

Can you please provide us our mistakes in detail?


It’s design is not original, you make a design more original and unique 100% themeforest will to approved.

I think that this design you copy other design original.