Uploading files of Envato market freebies succesfully to Wordpress

Hello Community,

WordPress cannot install “themeforest-15383160-thejobs-job-board-template-file-and-licenserespect.zip” rejects the installation of this file after I have decompressed this file, but the decompressed file could not be installed on Wordpress. The error message of Wordpress is the following:

Decompressing the package …

Theme is installed …

The package cannot be installed.
Stylesheet.css is missing.
The Themeinstallation has failed…

How can I install these files named in my previous mail successfully on Wordpress ?

This problem also concerns the following files:

Hello :smiley:

Was this the file you’re trying to install? https://themeforest.net/item/thejobs-job-board-template/15383160

If so, that is an HTML template and not a WordPress theme. That is why you cannot install it in WordPress. If you’ve made a mistake with your purchase, please open a Help Ticket and let them know - http://enva.to/Help


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