Uploading Automatization - AutoForm Filler

Hi there. I was wondering if anyone has a solution for autofill forms for uploading on videohive. It’s useful when you’re uploading a lot of files which are similar. I’ve tried all possible autofill extensions for chrome and firefox, but for some reason they’re not working for envato / videohive.

Anyone has some idea or workaround? Thanks!

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I think the best solution would be a custom python script. Thinking to create one of this for my own needs, but not in nearest future.
Right now you may hire somebody, I don’t think that kind of job should cost a lot.

Thanks. I wish envato finally makes something useful for author upload, like other stock sites have for a long time.

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I mean, extension AutoForm Filler for chrome works great, but it won’t work with envato upload. I wish someone from envato gives us some insight on how to solve this.

Are we talking about the new uploader or the old?

Well new, I don’t even know how to get to the old one.

After Effects files are the old uploader. Motion Graphics are the new one. (That’s what I meant)

Thanks, didn’t know that. I didn’t upload After Effects template for a long time. But I was doing some motion graphics uploads lately.