Uploading Alt Versions after Initial Submission


I’ve searched in the Forum and through the Knowledge Base to no avail. I have a track that has been submitted and approved, but now would like to add some edited versions of the same track.

Do I need to compile a new Main ZIP file and re-submit with the new versions via the “Edit” feature of the track? If so, does this take a full review period (22 days)?

Thanks for your help.



No, it’s very quick.


Cool, thanks @Flumen - so does the new ZIP file contain JUST the updated WAV file or does it need to have all the original files too (track avatar, preview file, etc.) Sorry for my noob-ness :wink:



The zip needs to contain all the WAV / MP3 files (original + new versions) as it’s completely replacing the old, original zip.

You won’t need to upload the thumbnail again but you will need to update the preview to cover any extra versions :wink:


Great, thanks James! :punch:


…and make sure that the new ZIP file contains max. 5 files. (Please anyone - correct me if this rule is no longer in place…).

I sometimes added new versions (e.g. 30 sec + 60 sec) but then had to leave out the MP3, since 3 versions with both WAV and MP3 would have made 6 files…


It’s not a maximum of 5 files :slight_smile:

It’s 5 versions, so you can have the main version + 4 alt variations, and each can be included in wav and/or mp3.


Ouch! Well, good to know…

Well - I’ll go and upload some MP3s then… :sunglasses:


Good thread!