Uploading a stinger and music loop item together

Hi, I’m looking to upload a single looped piece of music but also want to include a stinger for this piece which would allow the customer to end the loop in a more seamless way. Is this allowed?


Hi. I don’t think it would be approved by the reviewers. But instead you could put a 2nd version of your looped track with that alternate ending into your zip.

Yes, it’s definitely allowed. Some people who provide extra versions of their tracks often want to make a short ‘logo’ / stinger version because it’s useful. I say go for it! There were even some authors who provided their tracks in modular form in a similar arrangement to Music Kits, just so buyers could have more flexibility with the track. By including more variants and edits in an item, you are increasing the value of your item, which means more potential sales.

Take this track for example:

5 useful edits, including a 7-second stinger version!

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Awesome thanks!