uploaded item not showing in dashboard or queue

it frequently happens in videohive. uploaded item showing very late in dashboard
today it has been 3 hours, uploaded 3 item still not showing…

The same problem. Soon it will be 24 hours after uploading the file but it does not show up in the dashboard.

Hi, I hope you have rejected upload items. So not showing your dashboard. I thought you have not selected review email notifications.

I don’t think it affects the display of items in the dashboard since they don’t show up until the approval or rejection.
I’ve had the same notification settings for over 10 years and it’s always worked fine.

An item just appeared marked " Submitted 5 minutes ago" that was uploaded 18 hours ago.

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no. sometimes it happens in videohive. item uploaded show dashboard after few hours. i have faced before.

I hope technical team working on some adding new functionality or maybe new functionality effected on other functionalities… You can go to contact to support.

The same problem.