Uploaded a week ago; still no review or reply .. ?


Uploaded a poster-design last monday – October 12 – and still haven’t received any sort of response.

First off, I thought that my obsolete browser had failed and I re-uploaded the same design the following thursday or friday, but still no sign …

Thing is that the design is a Halloween poster that I given quite some effort to have ready in fairly good time, so this lost week has probably been crucial …



alright, I just learnt that there’s a »Currently processing uploads« bar in my author dashboard; both my uploads are listed so that’s good news … but still; last time I uploaded it took no more than perhaps 24 hrs for me to receive my rejection :smile:


Hi @Via_Negativa ,

review time is taking longer nowadays, because of the massive number of submissions.

My item is still queued after 8 days, so you don’t have to worry.

Be patient, it will get reviewed soon.

Have a nice day,