Uploaded 6 items in the last 2 weeks and they all are rejected. Please help find a solution

Dear Expert Authors,

Please help me with your feedback or suggestions that might help me to improve my work.
In last 2 weeks I have uploaded 6 items out of which my very first item is rejected thrice even after making those improvements that Reviewer suggested. Really need help, suggestions to know where I am lacking. Thank you!

Some of the Reviewer’s Messages:

*This file would be better suited to the [VECTORS] category. Please read the category upload instructions and resubmit this file using the [VECTORS] upload form.
Keep in mind that your item will still need to be reviewed by our team as this rejection is just to have the item submitted to the correct category.

*Unfortunately your submission 30 Flat Round Funky Avatar Icons isn’t quite ready for GraphicRiver. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it couldn’t be accepted.
There are open paths in your file. Please close all filled, open paths.

Here are the pictures of some files, Please check where I have problem.

hi buddy, but what is your problem with this one ? lol correct me if i am wrong but they just basically tell you that indeed, u have been posting your items in the wrong category and that thus u need to upload them again in the right category so that they are accepted … . Maybe u are not aware of this, but anyone having their items posted in the wrong category will be definitely in all cases rejected … so u know what u have left to do don’t you? go to vector category to plod your items :wink:

Well first of all thanks for your feedback. Actually this is the main issue that is confusing me that I made all the changes like re-uploaded my works in correct category and fixed all the errors like open paths. And have mentioned this above in my question too. And moreover for my two of the recent works they even haven’t suggested any feedback. So, basically will be thankful to know about the quality of my works like where it is lacking, or where to improve. That’s why have attached some of the pictures of recently rejected works.
Thanks: :blush:

hi, when u are hard rejected , u get no feedback at all, this is the “normal process” here … whether u like it or not … that’s the way they do, we could discuss about it for hours , especially as regard to the respect shown to authors but this is also something that can be understood insofar as it would take quite some time to explain all hard rejections … as for letting you know what’s “wrong” with your item, i do not really know and none of us actually knows by the way , as they have their won reasons and we are not aware of why … besides sometimes some of us really fail to understand too … . Now, if u ask me personally, i think that the first set is not beautifully enough executed, , you would need to pay more attention about your illustration and their quality for this one … . Honestly, for the other ones, i have no idea indeed … maybe a little relief could be added to the last set , on the other hand, it would break what a trendy style as of now, so that would not really make sense indeed … for the middle one, to tell you how i feel, i have simply no idea why it was rejected …

Okay, It’s Really Helpful !!

Thanks… :blush: