Upload the Plugin on FTP Server – Problem also with Multisite

Hello Guys,

because I’m using Multisite, the button for “uploading Plugins” doesn’t show up. So I uploaded the Plugin on my FTP-Server in /wp-content/plugins/ and I was told, that it should work. It worked with another Plugin, but not with the Events Calender Pro 4.4.14. Also the old Plugin “The events calender” isn’t there anymore after I uploaded the “events calender pro”
The Plugin doesn’t show up on the List in WordPress. Therefore I can’t use this Plugin.

What to do? Hope you can help me!


I would suggest deleting the event calendar plugin folder and trying to upload it again. it sounds like there may have been an error at some point when it was uploaded the first time.

When installing plugins on multisite you should be able to add most via My Sites > Network Admin > Plugins


You should see the “Add New” option here to install a new plugin. Then you’ll have the option to Network Activate the plugin so it’s automatically active on all of your sites, or you can activate it on a site by site basis by visiting each site’s plugins page.

Though I think it’s worth noting that to use the Events Calendar Pro on multisite you need a special license for the plugin. Checkout their detailed knowledgebase article on using Events Calendar Pro for Multisite for more details as well as a guide for installing their plugin.

Thanks for your reply. I was deleting it two times and uploaded it again, but it didn’t change anything. Also when I activate the Plugins for Multisite it doesn’t look like your screenshot. So there is no Network Admin/Plugins/

Hmmm… the only other option I can think of is that your username doesn’t have proper permissions and/or is not a network admin. I would suggest reaching out to The Events Calendar support team to see if they can assist with the installation.