Upload Resubmission

Hello… since of today i run into a problem uploading any new Item in AJ, since I’d resubmitted a new item which was uploaded yesterday.
Anytime now i choose a category to upload a new item the resubmitted files are still showing up. Q: should I simply remove it…? Or wait for final approval…?
Although on my dashboard it’s showing “(Resubmission)
Temporarily held for further review”
Any help would be appreciated … thanx in adv.

may be you have reached your upload limit. So, you have to wait untill your resubmit Item got reviewed and you got a final result. As your resubmit item is under Temporarily held for further review, please keep patience till you get review rsult from reviewer. Thanks

thanks @mgscoder… my upload limit is still ok…
but as I can see , as long I upload a new file… and even the old files are still visible, probably just have to check / mark, the new files…zip and preview and it must be fine.