Upload rejected - reason: unminified source files

Hello everyone,
I am uploading my first item on CodeCanyon, but I got rejected for 5 times and the last one I got the “This is the last time we can soft reject this item” :confused:
I got always this rejection “You’re still not providing all unminified source files”, can anyone explain for me in details what I need to include in my project (I am working on a Help Desk Laravel application), and I read all the docs on Author resources but didn’t help me.

Thank you

Where is Your demo link ?

This is the demo: http://helpdesk.devaslan.com/

Make sure you add the full unminified source files, this is the issue.

All the assets used to develop the application are there, it’s a Laravel project, so the unminified sources are in another folder than the built one.

here’s what you need to do:

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Ok I see, but these assets are generated with Laravel Vite (an assets manager) that generate automatically the js and css files based on the unminified ones (also integrated on the project folder).
And for the names they are generated automatically to manage files versions.

But I cancelled the publish on CodeCanyon to put it on a Github public for everyone :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time