Upload Problem To Photodune

Hello. I guess I have the strangest uploading problem here. As always I uploaded my photos to Photodune servers through FTP. To process my uploads I opened my authors dashboard page. But I could not find any upload or upload process option on the right side bar nor anywhere on the page. On the right side bar There is just a list of several hundreds of photos queued for review, waiting already for longer than a month.

I know already upload URLs as follows;

All these URLs return a “404 nothing to see here” Page.

Shortly my photos are not being reviewed and I am not allowed to upload photos. Did I break someone’s heart?
I opened a ticked about my problem. But considering that photo review times take more than a month, maybe my ticked will be replied a year later. The last thing to do is to write here too. Regards.

They are not taking any new submissions to photodune currently

Hi icelik

Resolved - Uploads via FTP are currently stable.
Dec 13, 15:08 AEDT
Identified - Engineers are working on restoring the functionality of FTP uploads.


The problem was fixed, try to upload again.

I don’t think it will make any difference:

_ Stop reviewing new item submissions (starting today)_
_ Switch to single resolution to prepare for author-driven pricing_
_ Disable PhotoDune uploads_