Upload Portfolio Problems

Dear Envato Community,

I am kind of desperate concerning the portfolio submission that is compulsory to hand in before becoming a photodune author. The drop-down box where one should obviously select a .zip file to upload remains blank. Must the file be saved on my profile/collection/… first? I can not find a suitable option to do so. I read the articles in the help center but it seems like this rather simple issue does not cause any problems for other people. Please let me know if I am just not seeing the obvious solution or if there’s something wrong technically. Many thanks in advance,

Caterina Rancho

You’re clicking on ‘Choose File’, selecting your zip file on your computer, waiting until the zip file uploads, and then going into the dropdown, right? If so, then it sounds like you’re doing everything right. Might be worth refreshing the page and/or logging out and in just in case. If not… contact support, as something’s not quite right.

Dear Moderator,

Thanks for your reply. That’s basically the problem - that I can’t find a “Choose File” Box to click on. I was wondering how to “feed” the dropdown to subsequently select a zip file.
There’s only the dropdown, the instructions and a box to add some information for the reviewer. The page before neither provides a “Choose file” Menu. I tried to logout/in several times, no changes. I’m a bit confused…

Could be your browser. If I visit the upload page on my tablet, the upload box doesn’t show up… which I’m guessing is a limitation of the browser I’m using to access the page. I’m no tech wizard though! I’m assuming you’re doing this on a proper computer, but it might be a case of trying a different browser. I’m on Chrome and it’s showing up fine. Just above and to the left of the dropdown. Otherwise, I’m not really sure what to suggest. Sorry!

Dear Moderator,

you were right! After installing Google Chrome the missing magic button “Choose File” appeared and the upload worked out perfectly. Seems like there are some details that won’t function when using Firefox. Thank you very much for your help! I hope that this thread can also save some other community members time.

I wish you a nice day,

Caterina Rancho

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No problem, glad you got it sorted!