upload pattern on graphic viewer it got rejection,wondering for the issues, kindly could you take a look feedback will be very appreciative.

I submitted my first item (seamless pattern) to Graphic River and it got hard rejected. Are there any authors that can advise me as to what could be the reason for it being rejected?

It was with 12 different color combinations with 12 AI and 12 EPS files

Thanks in advance and looking to your response.


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Ask yourself who will buy this when there are tones of free vector patters over the internet.

Thanks for your feedback mate,
But it was bit different Idea, even there are very simple seem less patterns are uploaded and approved by different authors I can share there link as well :slight_smile:


i can understand your comment buddy and i am rather likely to agree but honestly this is not the question that he asked u indeed

This type of items got very few sales over time and there are many more with 0 sales.

hi i think that the issue is that your item is not tillable as such … and that , for that matter this is definitely decreasing the commercial potential of this item …take a look at how things are cut in the back and on top … u will see that things are not matching …

yeah but most importantly again he has a problem of execution … the thing is not tileable as such …

Yes the pattern is not seamless.