Upload not working

We can’t resubmit our theme for the past hour because we get an error page every time we send our update.

It’s Friday, is this going to be fixed?


Our proxy test is good, our antivirus is off and we cannot upload through Firefox because there is no “Choose file” button on Firefox. There is one on Chrome but not on Firefox which is quite weird.

###You can try several other methods to upload your item

  1. You can use FTP upload and then select your files on upload page.
  2. Use other browser than Mozilla. When I have adblock or any other ad blocking extension activated on mozilla, the button is missing from there. If I download the adblocker the buton is there again.

You can try these methods.

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Thanks for the reply,

Uploaded via FTP, files are shown on the upload page but when I click Submit Files For Review, I get the error page with this code: 133dc132-6049-49e6-9332-55663a5c2434

Tried it on Chrome and on a fresh copy of Firefox.

Also, tried now on Opera combined with FTP uploaded files and it still shows the error page.

We opened up a ticked, tweeted and sent a Facebook message, we really don’t want to wait until Monday for the website to start working as it will prolong the product release.

Have you tried another computer? Maybe is a problem on your side. For me everything is fine now.

Ok, we have received a really, really weird explanation from the Envato support team - We could not submit our theme because we had a :slight_smile: smiley in our message to the reviewer and the system could not process that. Can Envato fix this extremely basic problem or at least add a text warning underneath the Message to the Reviewer saying “Don’t send text with smileys” because we missed our deadline?

Gosh, Haha :))) This is really funny. Still can’t believe that :sob:

Maybe a solution is to tell you after submission something like this: “You have forbidden chars in your submission message” or something like that :slight_smile:

Anyhow, good to know :slight_smile:

We should pin this topic globally to let every know about this.
Hey man, please be serious with your messages (your works, your business), reviewers are not the one who you can have a chit chat or send a smiley.

This should be warned somewhere in the submit process or in the submission requirement guideline.
I am really surprised it takes us a few years to acknowledge this. :joy:

We actually wrote “Thanks for reviewing :)” hahahaha. Is a smiley face that unprofessional?