Upload not working?

I’m trying to upload a sound pack but it keeps getting stuck in processing, anybody else dealing with this problem?

Yes, same problem here as well.

  • The robot who approves or rejects is broken. :joy:
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what is this? :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: homepage just came out in the uploading pages…

That’s pretty neat!

My upload showed up on the dashboard after a while!

looks like I’ll do soon.


Resolved - Uploads via FTP are currently stable.
Dec 13, 15:08 AEDT
Identified - Engineers are working on restoring the functionality of FTP uploads.


The problem was fixed, try to upload again.

It seems that upload isn’t working again. :broken_heart:

uploads don’t seem to be working again…Always when I try to upload a bunch of new ideas haha

After about 4 minutes item appeared on dashboard :slight_smile:

Same with me, still processing

Same here, it’s 12 hours since my try to upload

Something strange happened, my track also suddenly appeared in the dashboard, is it a bug or track is submitted?

The same problem appeared some time ago,it’s stuck on submitting and then appears to be ok in the dashboard ,so it’s a bit weird but I think the files are submitted properly,there’ll be no problem

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Here too… stuck on uploading… :frowning:
Envato… what’s going on?

I wasn’t uploading for months and now that i was to do it i can’t :frowning:

Not fallen into dashboard seem to be lost in the cloud

I’ve tried a few times now and it says it didn’t work…but an hour later it’s up on the dashboard. Weird.

same here!!