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Hi everyone! I think this will be interesting to share some thoughts. I did a quick search but I did not find similar topics. Anyway, what do you think about music ‘template’ while you uploading a new track? If you regularly upload (like me) I think it would simplify the process for authors. Here is pic of idea:


  1. filled description;
  2. filled category;
  3. filled ‘audio files included’;
  4. filled ‘vocals’;
  5. filled ‘tempo’;
  6. filled ‘YouTube Content ID Administered By’;
  7. filled tags.
    So, it fills almost every field except ‘Name of track’, its ‘length’ and ‘YouTube Content ID Registered’.

For example, you uploaded EDM track and fill everything. Then, 2 days later you upload again some Dance or EDM track, you just choose template and it almost ready. Same for other categories or even other markets.

What do you think guys?

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I think this is very good idea I like it ))) not to bother ))) Nice ))):slight_smile:

Thanks! It is small change, yet good :wink:

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I think it’s not that hard to fill those stuff everytime. The boring stuff is html and descriptions

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Not good at all. It’s much better for the site as a whole (Google) and each individual if descriptions and tags are not copied between items - they should be unique. Google punishes duplicate content. Also, it takes two seconds to fill out the rest so…


Maybe, yet most of authors fill almost same tags every time. At least, you can load template and then fix whatever you need. I see the benefit here, perhaps other authors, too. Thanks for opinion anyway!

Well, if you spend hours/days/weeks on making a track you can’t spend 30 seconds clicking a few boxes? What is the benefit exactly unless you upload 100 tracks per day?

Just keep a text document with your description and copy it, but I don’t recommend it as it is much better for search to have unique descriptions.

I do not argue :slight_smile: I’m just interested in the opinion of other authors. Personally, I see useful function.

Good idea!

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