Upload limitations

I would appreciate if this communication could happen in a forum without it getting closed immediately.

The upload limitations on my account are 2 per month? I should have 30 after having brought thousands $ to the company.

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@Theo_Sound answered you posting a link to the new upload limit thread. You can read all the information and ask there.
The other thread wasnt deleted, just closed.

If you lost the link about that thread, you can click here;


You may feel that way, but unfortunately the upload limitations are not based on revenue generation, just approval ratio.

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Hi @SpaceStockFootage !
Do you support the idea that new authors should have slightly different upload limits conditions? I wrote about this.

Your opinion is interesting. :wink:


But one more submission and approval would make it 75%. And although I have no way to know for certain, new authors are probably the worst culprits… I definitely wouldn’t be giving a brand new, unproven author that’s not had a single item reviewed yet… a 30 item limit. They could have heard tales of the million of dollars they could make selling stock audio and there they are… uploading 30 tracks of them playing their new triangle that they recorded on their phone!

On the other had, while the limit of 2 is quite restrictive (and the gap between 2 and 30 seems a bit extreme), a new author who knows what they’re doing, hopefully shouldn’t suffer too much, or for too long, from the limits.


Thanks for your opinion! :wink:

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Nothing enhances video footage more than an enthusiastically played triangle recorded on a phone.

Clearly several of my tracks I submitted were higher standard than many pieces on here. However there seems to be something deeper with reviewer bias. I had a few sfx approved that were almost identical to others in that same family that were rejected. There’s no consistency, its clear that they use your ratio that they established in order to decide how much you can upload. It favors specific authors and trashes the rest. This isn’t fair.

This is not true, but only your subjective opinion. If you want to discuss tracks that have been rejected, you can create a separate topic and ask the forum about it. The forum will be happy to help you!

This is again your subjective opinion!

If it seems to you that you and your tracks are always and in everything better than others and also that there is a lot of injustice here on Envato, maybe you should go to other higher-paying places?


Don’t forget that reviewers don’t only judge your work on how good your mixing and composing skills are, but also on whether the music is the kind of thing that the customers are looking for. I’m not a reviewer, but I’m sure they don’t have the time to even care who the author of the track that they are reviewing is, let alone have any kind of bias towards certain ones. They have the impossible task of objectifying the subjective. I’m sure they have a set of criteria for how to judge the work, but even that can be interpreted differently, especially with the sheer volume and huge variations of tracks that they listen to every day.

There is an excellent article which explains in detail why there are apparent inconsistencies in the review process here:

It’s a really well-written article and worth a read for all authors in my opinion.

I’m not sure I understand your point here properly, but yes, that is exactly how they use the approval ratio. Authors who consistently upload music which Envato wants get to upload more, whilst those who don’t are limited. The all-or-nothing 30/2 approach does seem a bit brutal, but at least now all the authors are under the same umbrella.

I tried to upload a new track this morning and suddenly my dashboard says “limit reached this month” while I had 30 at the beginning of this month and haven’t used all spots.
Someone else has this problem?

I just learned from support that your ratio gets adjusted real time so not at the beginning of the month.

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I can confirm this, my ratio was adjusted a few days ago after a handful of tracks were reviewed.

It appears that as soon as you cross the 70% threshold, the 30/month is unlocked, no matter what time of the month it is.

I would also assume that if you’re above 70% and drop below it, the reverse also applies, but I don’t know that for sure.

Speaking as an individual from the ‘neurodiversity’ spectrum, this policy is pretty brutal. I can see applying such a stringent limit to people who have never been approved, but when you’ve had some success but are still playing battleship occasionally to try and sound out the boundaries, this is pretty demoralizing. I would have been able to upload a bunch of stuff for Halloween had I been more conservative with that second track this week. Now I guess the other tracks will have to go elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a victim and it’s nobody else’s job but mine to get it right regardless of my disabilities, but that’s just the reality of things from this side of the computer.



True it’s pretty brutal.