Upload limitations

Don’t forget that reviewers don’t only judge your work on how good your mixing and composing skills are, but also on whether the music is the kind of thing that the customers are looking for. I’m not a reviewer, but I’m sure they don’t have the time to even care who the author of the track that they are reviewing is, let alone have any kind of bias towards certain ones. They have the impossible task of objectifying the subjective. I’m sure they have a set of criteria for how to judge the work, but even that can be interpreted differently, especially with the sheer volume and huge variations of tracks that they listen to every day.

There is an excellent article which explains in detail why there are apparent inconsistencies in the review process here:

It’s a really well-written article and worth a read for all authors in my opinion.

I’m not sure I understand your point here properly, but yes, that is exactly how they use the approval ratio. Authors who consistently upload music which Envato wants get to upload more, whilst those who don’t are limited. The all-or-nothing 30/2 approach does seem a bit brutal, but at least now all the authors are under the same umbrella.