Upload HTML template must be with or without placeholder?

can I send my HTML template with the image?

ThemeForest said the HTML template must be with the placeholder. but how can I send my preview to them?

can anybody help me?

Demo sites can contain proper images ( assuming you have permission or license to use them), but the download version of the template needs to substitute these with placeholders

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for first time of upload i must remove images?

Does the product judge judge me without a photo?

As above you have to include both a demo site and the site files/download copy:

Demo link/site: Use proper images

Download copy: Take images out and substitute with placeholders

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the files sent to them must be in this shape:

  1. documentation folder
  2. html folder
  3. demo folder

@charlie4282 is this ok?

I’m not a HTML author so I am not the right person to confirm @mgscoder or @LSVRthemes or @CocoBasic would be able to confirm this

@LSVRthemes and @mgscoder and @CocoBasic

can you help me?

for html template:
you will need to create a folder named alike your item title then within that folder you have to include:

  1. your html template folder
  2. documentation folder

then a make a zip of the folder (named alike your item title) and upload as main files.


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I know this. the html folder is consist of images or consist of placeholder?

Does the product judge judge me without a photo???

Placeholders - you have to give a live link demo separately in the upload process which can use real photos

this demo link is optional !!!

Not if you want to get approved it’s not and definitely not if you want to sell anything

It’s almost certainly one of the first things the reviewer will look at

If you are not bothering with a working demo then you only need to submit the placeholder version in the upload folder

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in the main customer copy (your uploaded html folder) should placeholder images because envato don’t allow original images in the main download.

but in your demo (your upload at your hoting server) to show preview demo of your html to customers you can add images (free for commercial use images or your purchased license images). without demo the reviewer will not check your html and you will get soft reject and reviewer will ask you to provide demo url.