Upload Failed Due to File Cover

Hi everyone, This is my first time failing to upload a themeforest file. The problem is that my cover image is not recognized because the file I uploaded cannot be processed and the system asks me “Is it a valid image file?” I tried uploading in jpg and png format and both failed even though it was working before. This is a screenshot Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 8.01.52 PM

I’ve tried some suggestions from forums including zipping but instead got the message Cover Image Magic Byte check failed for path /data2/marketplace/shared/files/tmp/962b6b66-b008-4f48-b899-46608f26b8b6/01_preview.zip

Try another browser

I just try it, but still not working, is it a bug from envato system ? :frowning:

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Hi @deverust,

Save the Cover Image file as 01_coverimage.jpg at the recommended dimensions (Must be 3:2. Recommended 2340 x 1560 px).
Then make it a screenshots.zip (Even if there’s only one image). Upload the ZIP file.

Hope this helps!


It failed.I got new comment * Cover Image Unsupported filetype: .zip for file ‘01_coverimage.jpg.zip’

  • Cover Image Magic Byte check failed for path /data2/marketplace/shared/files/tmp/10844caf-d85f-4747-bb39-e4633c8eaadb/01_coverimage.jpg.zip

I am not sure but make the zip named as coverimage.zip not .jpg.zip and try to upload and use coverimage.zip from the dropdown (after upload).

Hello, I’ve tried this method, but it still doesn’t work. The warning i get is

  • Cover Image is required
  • Cover Image Unsupported filetype: .zip for file ‘Coverimage.zip’
  • Cover Image Could not be processed. Is it a valid image file?
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I would like to recommend please contact Author support and let them know the issue. please attached screenshots of the error you are getting when trying to include Cover image. Support team will check it and will guide you. Also request then to put some tips in the upload form under the field Cover Image about how to upload the image. Thanks

how to contact them? by email? whats the address ? please share us

Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.


One of envato team has read my thread, hope they will fix it in soon