Uplifting music for new wrist watch brand(?)

Hi there I’m looking for some uplifting song/music for Indiegogo new wrist watch promo video (about 60-90sec long).
Yes, I listened plenty songs here but nothing hit the spot. Looking for something similiar to Goldengrove - Keith Kenniff.
Thanks a lot


Hiya everybody, thanks for all answers, but goldengrove is quite dynamic and camera angle would be changing every 3-7 seconds, so looking for something faster.

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Hi @Salat763, maybe this one:

or I can suggest one of my track in a different style, but friendly music works well for kickstarter project :wink:

have a nice day

Hey! Check this!

Good luck and take care!

Hi, @Salat763! Take a look at this:

You are aware that Keith does license his tracks? Goldengrove is available for licensing. If that is what you’re searching for. Why not just contact him and ask for a quote?

Since we’re not allowed to link to other competitors here. Just search for his name and licensing and you will find his catalogue.


Hi, already contacted him, and this particular track was bought by customer and no longer available;)

Oh ok. Too bad. Hm, strange that he still has it in his library then. There are several version of the track.

I think i have very similar tracks for you:

  1. Only piano theme: https://audiojungle.net/item/love-piano/20194397
  2. Ambient piano theme with pads: https://audiojungle.net/item/inspiring-piano/19619067
  3. piano with orchestral: https://audiojungle.net/item/orchestral-piano/19767252

Thank you!


Hi!) Here is my recommendation for you)