"Uplifting Inspiring Electro Pop" by Sam Stone is no longer available

Hello there,

I’m Simone from Italy. I need an important information and help about the song in the title.
I’ve used the song preview (by Sam Stone) for a video i was editing. After three weeks of works, today I was buying the full song because my deadline is tomorrow and everything is finished, but the song is no longer available!

Anyone can help me about that? I have no time for re-edit the video with another song, I seriously need the full song. Is it possible to contact the author? I already write to him here but with no luck…

Any help it’s appreciate.

You can send an email to him in his profile page.

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Hi Simone, you can contact the author from his profile page: https://audiojungle.net/user/sam-stone


Hey Simone, don’t worry. I’ve already sent you an email in answer to your message… :slight_smile:

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