Uplad New Wordpress Template

I just finished my first wordpress template, and i am trying to upload it to ThemeForest.
an error message appearing to me “Optional WordPress Theme style.css is missing Description header”

Can you help me with that.




check your file “style.css” and add text in your “Description”…
example below…

Theme Name: Twenty Sixteen
Theme URI: https://wordpress.org/themes/twentysixteen/
Author: the WordPress team
Author URI: https://wordpress.org/
Description: Twenty Sixteen is a modernized take on an ever-popular WordPress layout — the horizontal masthead with an optional right sidebar that works perfectly for blogs and websites. It has custom color options with beautiful default color schemes, a harmonious fluid grid using a mobile-first approach, and impeccable polish in every detail. Twenty Sixteen will make your WordPress look beautiful everywhere.
Version: 1.2
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html
Tags: black, blue, gray, red, white, yellow, dark, light, one-column, two-columns, right-sidebar, fixed-layout, responsive-layout, accessibility-ready, custom-background, custom-colors, custom-header, custom-menu, editor-style, featured-images, flexible-header, microformats, post-formats, rtl-language-support, sticky-post, threaded-comments, translation-ready
Text Domain: twentysixteen

This theme, like WordPress, is licensed under the GPL.
Use it to make something cool, have fun, and share what you’ve learned with others.

your description is empty that is why you got that error…
I hope that helps!


Yes this is the perfect solution.