Upgrades to the Market front-end codebase


Hi all,

We have been working tirelessly to refresh our infrastructure to build a faster and more flexible marketplace that is easy to develop on so we can quickly make changes customers love.

Historically the Envato marketplaces have had author, admin and even developer functionality intertwined in the same user interfaces that customers see. This is a symptom of 10 years of growth and feature addition that’s led to some technical debt we’re looking to eliminate. Moving forward we want to speed up our ability to rollout new design changes and also make the sites faster.

Back in August 2016 we set about building a new ‘Market Shopfront’ platform using modern JavaScript technology with the aim to separate the front-end code from the backend (business-logic heavy) Rails application.

For our users it will be an invisible change, but from an engineering perspective the new platform will serve as a foundation for specific, future, front-end initiatives including the following pages:

  • Search & Category
  • Home
  • Item Detail

As of today 3DOcean’s Search & Category pages are the first to benefit from the new Shopfront infrastructure with the six other markets to follow in time.

To reiterate, there has been no change to design, functionality or search algorithms, however we’ll be closely monitoring the rollout and this forum post for the next few weeks.

Jordan Lewis
Senior Front-end Developer, Envato Market

New search system. What do you think?

Tested :smiley: and I see ajax filter for categories
Nice update


Nice! :slight_smile:


Please finally do something about Author’s Portfolio page. Add some filters; and allow us authors to download our own items after search is performed withing the portfolio.
Current state of Portfolio page is great PITA for authors with large portfolios.

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