Upgrade your recording studio for FREE! Great opportunity by Focusrite and Novation!

Hi musicians and audio engineers!

I just want to share this nice winter contest by Focusrite.
You can win ANY Focusrite product that you choose! (Catalog included)
Enter HERE (fixed link)

UPDADE: Also you can :point_right: Enter to similar giveaway by Novation.

Good luck for everyone, and for me too :smile:

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Wrong link, here is original
Good luck to all!

@Cryonics, HAHA nice play! Okay, fixed the link :smirk:. BTW they are both โ€˜originalโ€™ :smile:

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I will win thisโ€ฆ Thanks

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@Pandocrator, no problem :smile: I will be really happy if winner will be someone from audiojungle authors! :blush:


I selected Clarett 8pre X (nice preamplifiers and 1 ms latency), and you?
Remember, you can enter HERE
14 days left!

nice one! thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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Entered! Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I chose the Scarlett 18i20 - basically a massive upgrade to my 2i4, which has served me very well over the years!

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I just bought a DAV BG1u (like last night) but an ISA 2 would nicely round-out my preamp collection. :wink:

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Great news guys! Similar giveaway by Novation. But now you can choose up to 3 products!
My choice is Impulse and SL MKII keyboards. How about you?

:point_right: Enter

Good luck!

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Impulse, AudioHub 2x4 (just for fun!) and Launchpad Pro.

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Two days left! I hope that one of us will win :smile:

Focusrite giveaway - Enter
Novation giveaway - Enter

Good luck, guys!

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Congratulations to GLEN JONES from the UK and ALEX MAKSAY from Canada!
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