Upgrade an item and keep both

I have an item in cadecanyon named Needle. I build it with Laravel 5.4, now i am planning to upgrade the framework to Laravel 5.5 and want to keep both version for sale.

But I am confused, should I upload the upgraded one as new item or keep both of them in existing item. Any suggestion will be appreciable.

Hi @smartrahat.

The two options might be valid.
You might upgrade the selling version, but save one version from the old framework, in case someone want to buy the other version.
You can make some image anouncing that option on the product page, so that the client knows what version he is interested to when purchasing that item.
Other option is really to send the two versions on the zip file.

Best regards.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I am thinking I should choose the first option, so that I can sale both of them in different prices :sunglasses:

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