Updating Visual Composer to 4.10

Why can I not update from 4.9.1 to 4.10?

Yeah it’s headache and They told me End users must purchase plugin standalone? So then Why do we purchase it and include it on our theme?

This is the author responsibility to update theme with newest plugin… I suggest to request update to the theme author…

I mean TGM class can’t update the Visual Composer!

Disable plugin and run the TGM update :slight_smile:

Yeah haha Thanks for it. I am little confused and followed your tip :wink:


I’ve just posted on the Visual Composer comments regarding this.

I’m disappointed they’ve taken this deceiving tactic to trick users into buying a license. I’m all for them selling as many licenses as possible, they deserve it and I’m a huge fan of the product.

By all means alert the user that there is an update via their Visual Composer admin and sell the benefits through there, but don’t prevent TGM from updating the plugin with the bundled version of the theme.

ThemeForest encourages all theme authors to use TGM to update and manage plugins and now they’re allowing plugin authors to disable updating.

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Quick fix here quys and gals until they fix it