Updating stock footage item title with category name

We are running a new test to monitor the impact of adding the category name to the on-page item title. This test is isolated to the stock footage category on VideoHive. We have started adding the category name to the item title for all items within this category. We will track the impact of this change on incoming traffic to these pages.

Visually this change will look like this

with the category name in title
Sample : http://videohive.net/item/typing-on-keyboard/12616615


Q) Should authors do something for this change?
A) Nope, we handle this internally.

Q) Will this expand to other categories?
A) For this test we don’t plan to add this to any other categories. If this is successful, we might look at expanding this to other categories.

Q) Can authors opt-out of this?
A) For this test NO. But if we decide to roll this out to multiple categories, we will explore the option to include an opt-out option.

Q) Does this change the tile on search, category and other pages?
A) No, it does not. The change is only visible on the item page.