Updating plugins without a purchase code!




I have a problem updating my plugins I downloaded on Envato Elements. I have read that it is not necessary to have a purchase code, but the plugin keeps asking for one. I have tried to upload the plugin again but nothing happens. It will not install the plugin because it is already there.
How can I update the plugins?

Best regards Ina


Items on Envato Elements typically won’t be able to automatically update because authors can’t secure their updates without purchase codes.

Instead, you can manually update the plugin. First check the documentation that came with the item for upgrade instructions.

Depending on the plugin, the manual update process will vary. In my experience the best “general” method to perform an upgrade is to upload and overwrite the plugin’s files into the /wp-content/plugins/plugin_name/ folder, but definitely check the documentation first.


Thank you:) I’ll Try that