Updating my item - Status seems cancelled

I submitted my item for update and the status said awaiting review etc. I have checked again and the item just seems back to normal without having been updated and I did not get any review email.

When I click “edit item” the usual form appears allowing me to submit for review.

Is this normal? did my submission get cancelled somehow?

The last reviewed date has not changed either

The latest edit history says Update Creation (from me)

As far as I’m aware it’s simply not possible for reviewers to cancel or skip items in the review queue, so you should get an email regardless of what the outcome was, or is it possible that you might have accidentally cancelled it yourself?

Item update review times are usually incredibly fast, I recently had an update that was reviewed less than an hour after submitting it. Perhaps you can try submitting it again, and just explain in the note to the reviewer that you submitted the same thing before, but you never saw the results.


Thanks for the response. The item just got updated. It seems this is how it works