Updating items should be easier (faster)

I’ve submitted a big update yesterday and today I’ve noticed my deploy script went crazy and missed some files. This causes a huge problem for my customers.

I immediately submitted an update but it’s (still) in the queue for over 8 hours.

During that time I had several complaints and my ticket count that day increased by over 500%.

Why do you have this update progress in place? You don’t check the update anyway, do you?

While I see this is a valid point for new authors and maybe for big releases (hello versioning) I don’t see a point for having this in place for a “quick fix”.

Why is this a “feature” only authors with 2mio in sales can unlock?

Now go and approve my update!

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I’ve got to agree with this, I updated 10 themes the other day, and got the “accepted” emails all within 10mins of each other, all that happened was a button was pressed to approve, no actual review took place given the timeframe. I’m obviously thankful of that in terms of speed, but seriously, if updates aren’t really checked, what’s the point in us waiting?

I didn’t realise the express queue didn’t come in until 2mil, ugh.

Waiting for an update over 8 12 hours - no changes only some additional files :frowning:

Lol 8 hours? Try 5-6 days.

Recently discovered a major error in one of my featured files that only happened in certain versions of the plug-in that was used. I updated it thinking it was going to take a few hours, maybe a day to go through. As days went by customers grew angrier and impatient. It finally updated after 5-6 days.

edit: to be fair, mine was temporarily held for further review.

Maybe I’m an exception but I update multiple times a week and they usually are approved within a few hours most of the time sooner.