Updating items seems not to working?


I tried to add a 30 sec version to an existing track. Usually when I add the new zip and preview and press the ‘Save Changes’ (didn’t it use to be something like ‘Send to Reviewer’ when updating taggs, title or edits?) you get a message it will take some time. Now it just says: your item will be updated soon. And then nothing happens for a long time!? It’s not shown in the “Currently processing uploads”… ???

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The same thing happened to me. I uploaded a couple sound effects and the page freezes on “Processing.” Chrome later gives an error message, and the item won’t upload, even if I try to resubmit. This is the second time this has happened to me.


That’s a different issue!
With me it does not freeze, it tells me all is fine and does nothing ?!?! :smiley:

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If the same thing happens as in my case, eventually the change will show up in your Dashboard to be reviewed. I’ve kinda had nothing happen before, too, but it apparently was uploading even though it was frozen. So, in your case, perhaps it will show up in the dashboard in several hours, or a day or so - not sure, cause that’s never happened to me.


I get this:

That is different then something like: your files will be reviewed asap etc…


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But I’ll just sit back and wait :smiley:

Ah and it now tells me: “We’re very sorry, but we’re having some issues with file uploads right now. Check back in a little while.”

Ok… :smiley:

It used to be “Send for Review” or something like that, before trusted updates were introduced.
For me it usually takes a few hours or so for updates to be implemented. But now Envato seems to have issues with file uploads, I got the same “seems to be frozen” situation when I tried to upload my latest masterpiece. Then I gave up on waiting, navigated back to my dashboard and the new item was there in the review queue.

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Upload don’t work(

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I can’t even get the “update items” to work with something as simple as changing a title or tags, and of course uploading replacement audio or thumbnails is also not working.

Knock Knock. Seems its working for me now.

Tried to update an item 6 hours ago. The history tab shows the status as “trusted update approved” but the item hasn’t changed. I thought I’d done something wrong, so I tried to upload the new preview file and zip file again for the item, but got an error that says a “trusted update for this item is already being processed.”

I have exactly the same issue!

The same problem has uploaded 3 days ago trusted update. And silence )

Still nothing… Is Envato aware of this?

Yes, they’re aware. I sent a support email and got a quick reply. They’re working on it.

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Thanks!! I’ll stop worrying :smile:

Of course they know. I wrote the first day of delay. )))

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Woohoo! I’m excited to report that an update I made to an item a few days ago, which suffered from the problems discussed above, was just processed… so we’re back in business baby!

My update was fixed today, also.