Updating Item Not Working...

I summited a music file for review and was told that I needed to adjust the preview file to be longer. Okay, I did that, but then when I put the zipped file into the “audio preview” file box and I hit “submit files for review”, the button says “processing” indefinitely until the browser times out. I’ve tried changing the file, re-uploading all the audio files, and re-zipping the preview file, but get the same response every time… Ideas?

This usually happens when too much authors are uploading items at the same time.

In other hand;
I am afraid to see the queued growing and growing the next days…
Will we return to 33 days again?

Oh wow! That’s crazy that its doing that :exploding_head:. Is there any way for me to remedy the wait?

Maybe kindly tell the rest of authors to stop uploading items at the same time… :wink: :joy:

Ahhhh touche :rofl::rofl:
Thanks again!

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