Updating brooklyn theme in wordpress

Hi i had a question refering to my Brooklyn wordpress Theme i bought in 2014.
I have to upgrade my wordpress now and for that i have to upgrade my php which is 5.4 at the moment. The brooklyn theme Version i am using at the moment is 2.5.3 .
My brooklyn theme version is not compatible with newer php versions. Some buttons in my head menu of my brookly theme which are using the embedded revolution slider plugin are not working properly any more.I have tu update the elements. I run a php compatibility test and it says that the brooklyn theme version 2.5.3 which i had installed ist not supported with new php Versions.
So how can i update the theme in wordpress without crashing my site?


I would like to recommend for any technical query about theme the best choice will be contact theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author, theme author will be happy to answer your query.


there is no real contact like an email. There is just a forum where i have to pay for.
United themes said:
exclusive access to our dedicated support forum at [http://helpdesk.unitedthemes.com/]but i have no
access its denied, i have to pay for extra…

you can use the comments options for contacting them. Please check my above provided link in my first reply. Thanks

For what it’s worth the theme recommends PHP 7 so it definitely supports the latest versions.

Are you sure the theme version you are trying is the latest copy?

I know the theme version Is an older one but there is no update function in that theme in my word press panel and it’s not updating itself automatically . So how can i update this theme. I never did a theme update by myself. Can I overwrite the older one without crashing my actual site ?

You can login and download the latest version from themeforest

Yes you can overwrite a theme BUT it will depend a lot on what changes you may have made and no one here would be able to offer exact advice without spending time to checklist things first

You can always find a freelancer at www.studio.envato.com who could be hired to help