Updates - Same filename for download??????

I’ve purchased a few wordpress plugins from this site. I’ve received update notifications by email for 3 of them. I’ve gone to download the “updates” but the filenames are EXACTLY the same as the original filenames containing the plugins - and this is for all 3. Does this mean that the plugin downloads are always the same name, no matter what version they are?

Thanks in advance for help!

yes, filenames don’t necessarily reflect the version

thank you so much for taking the time to help - and I wish to register a protest that I think not changing the filename to reflect the version is unhelpful :slightly_smiling:
Thank you again!!!

All right! hopefully authors will see your concern and name the files more intuitive so everyone else can benefit

As discussed in so many other threads, a version field would be helpful for authors and buyers too.

The version shouldn’t be contained in the item’s name on the market, but in a separate field dedicated to version.