Updates for Market & Elements Authors, effective Oct 2, 2023

Thanks @BenLeong , please do not accept all questions personally. It’s hard to understand all things from our perspective, that’s why you here, between us and company.

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One question left unanswered - what’s the profit of expanding this Enterprise program, if it is less profitable for authors? I also asked before, so need to repeat - we need clearly different license certificate for such customers to differentiate usage of our products.

How do we know that our items is downloaded by Enterprise subscriber ?

But again, congrats for envato. We hope that the investment for Enterprise Program would make a good impact for the community

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@BenLeong Although it’s very bad news for authors to see their earnings reduced again. Because we barely survive. I welcome the transparency about this topic. I wonder if costs are also saved on the operational side of envato? It’s seems that it always has to come from the authors. Will bonuses and charitable donations be cancelled this year? And is there a salary freeze?


Videohive pretty much dead and now elements will be dead soon if you will continue this path mister envato corporation.

We used to have active amazing community. Thats gone.

We used to have unique competitions. Thats pretty much gone.

We used to have increasing sales. Thats gone.

We used to have clean and clear website (videohive) with amazing search engine. Now we got website thats only function is to spam buyers to go to elements and subscribe.

As author who has been here for 12-13 years. I can tell that I removed videohive from my future plans. You killed it for me.

I have so many amazing unfinished projects for VH but i see no point finalizing them and uploading them. As now you need to allow items on elements if you want exposure. But those cents from elements downloads are just so absurdly insulting for my time ant talent and unique ideas.

That is how simple genius companies become greedy corporations… and then real creative power - talented authors - become just a forgoten cog in a huge machine.

This is a way to guaranteed failure.

Subscribtion model works perfect for content geters but not for content givers. We are no longer motivated to create high quality great items because every click on videohive just distracts potential buyer with “GET UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS!”

So i predict a total genocide and anihilation of great talents and amazing quality that used to be here - in around 5-10 years. If envato doesnt change its greedy business model and doesnt start cherish its authors again… Envato the company that died from its own greed.


I’ve been here for 10 years, I work hard and post my works weekly, but every new move of this company is to the detriment of the author, and my salary is getting less and less!

I am afraid that the day will come when at the end of the month I will have to pay Envato for what I do for them and for what they sell my work!


Exclusivity is only applicable for envato market, not the envato element.

thanks !

Great job Envato! You made it a whole 3 months before a new announcement that goes against artists. 3. Months.

Hey here is idea, if you are struggling with money, drop all earnings down to 25% for authors so your entire business collapses and we can speed run this slow motion train wreck.


I don’t understand why you would make such a bad PR move when it’s only a tiny proportion of overall subscribers. It must be a quite a large amount.

I hope you understand that with every bad decision to decrease earnings for authors you will see authors (also customers) leave the platform. You won’t see them leave immediately but they will stop uploading new items. So basically you made the decision to go after a very small portion of Enterprise subscriptions with the risk of losing a substantial portion of authors who are also subscribers.


Unfortunately, AI began to replace the stock market. Authors’ income will continue to decline. The next step could be to reduce the share to 25% for all subscribers. Just wait 2-3 years and see.


When will we get good news from Envato, will it always get worse and worse? :frowning:


@BenLeong Are there any plans to increase the subscription price to cover inflation costs and to add a minimum price for marketplace items? Almost every business is increasing prices. I received this email from Creativemarket:

  • The global economy has been shifting. To keep up with this inflationary landscape, we have seen increases in the prices across categories. Based on this, we recommend that all our shop owners consider adjustments to their products’ prices. Consider a 10% increase to align with the rising cost of living and doing business. These minor pricing adjustments could lead to additional revenue for your shop.

Hahahahaha, take all our work for free already. Oh my god, it looks so pathetic every time.


The revised “Enterprise Subscription” rate seems unfair, especially if the program expands. What’s the economic justification for such a low rate? Can you provide more details? Also, if the subscriber numbers increase in the future, will the rate remain the same?


You will destroy the market with your updates, keep up the good work!