Updates for Market & Elements Authors, effective Oct 2, 2023

Hi all. We have some upcoming updates that will affect Authors on Envato Market and Elements.

These updates include:

We have aimed to make these changes as clear as possible, but head to our Author Hub for a more comprehensive explanation and FAQs.

So, what’s being updated and how does it affect me?

We are refreshing our author terms for both Elements and Market

We are updating our terms of service which include the current Elements Author Agreement and Envato Market Author Terms.

These updates are beneficial to our community and are designed to make our terms and conditions clearer and easier to read - providing you with further transparency as an Envato author. We encourage you to read our summary of the main changes in plain language on the Author Hub.

These updates will take effect on 2 Oct 2023, and you can view them in full at the following links:

You don’t need to take any action to accept the updated terms. By continuing to use Envato Market and Elements after this time, you agree to the updated terms.

We are adjusting author revenue share for Elements Enterprise subscriptions

Our customers on Elements have the option of multiple plan types. One of these is our Enterprise plan - a custom plan suitable for organizations, agencies and teams of six or more.

From the revenue period beginning October 1 2023, we will be reducing the percentage of revenue that Authors receive from Enterprise subscriptions from 50% to 25%.

This decision takes into consideration the overall costs associated with growing our Enterprise business- including increased indemnification, dedicated support and account management, as compared to our regular self-serve subscriptions.

Please note that this change will not make a significant impact on your current earnings as Enterprise makes up only a very small proportion of our overall revenue. Our ability to invest more effectively to grow and scale our Enterprise offering in coming years will benefit both our author community and Envato.

This change will not impact your regular Elements subscription share, which will remain at 50%.

If you have questions, we have outlined the details of the Enterprise subscription revenue share changes as well as the terms changes in this article on our Author Hub. Please read through the changes, and ask here if you have further questions about them.



Thank you


Wow, Good job, Envato!!! Keep up this work; all Authors will be very happy with this kind of update!!!


Does anyone know about “Enterprise subscription”?

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Adjusted “Enterprise Subscription” rate looks like robbery. If you plan to expand this program it looks even more strange. This is our products. What economical reason for such low rate? Any details please.
P.S. I know, as you said already, number of such subscribers are low. But what if it will grow? Same share remains?


Enterprise portion is very small.
We are allocating more resources for it.


Good Day. Can you share with us this approximative numbers of Enterprise Subscription propotion in overall revenue? So that we know what to expect…


Why you don’t use 1% of Envato management salaries instead of always squeezing from us?


The only thing left to do after that is to select the “Non-exclusive” option on Envato and then sell all of our items in other markets as well.


Sorry, one more thing. In those article on Authors Hub Envato called this move “investment”. So this so strange to call taking money from authors as “investment”. What benefits for us from expanding this program? You right. Less money. If Envato planning this expansion of services, Envato, not us, need to invest money.


this line here:
"This decision takes into consideration the overall costs associated with growing our Enterprise business—including increased indemnification, dedicated support and account management—as compared to our regular self-serve subscriptions. "
is pretty self-explainatory, so you need to grow, on our backs(items are not yours, items are authors). And cut the winnings to 25% (i undertsnnad that enterprise and bs u wrote there). Since 2015 envato started thinking only how to increase their profit and decrease authors. Especially low level authors.
Maybe time for us to look other marketplaces??


September payment cuts are here

Is this the same as when the bonus was taken away to finance additional advertising?

Because 1 year on, we’re still waiting on those increases in earnings.

Again, creating the illusion that there’s regular earnings, and special earnings, and this decision only affects the latter. Same with the bonus situation, and you know by next year, this change will affect all earnings.


Somebody please call Collis Ta’eed @collis, ask him come back


Hi @BenLeong, @KingDog !

For non-Elements, exclusive authors, there won’t be any changes in the revenue shares, right?


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A little bit of our revenue is clipped with each update. After this update, I think our income will decrease by half in the coming period.

PS: Double his portfolio since last year (many of my templates are projects that look popular in the algorithm) but he’s an author whose income is declining.

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The Enterprise changes only effect Elements not Market. Thanks!


Thx! :slight_smile:


so exclusivity affects item income ? thanks

Hi all! I think that the long comment above was more of the chatbot-style spam we’ve seen a lot of recently, as it wasn’t relevant to Envato - I’ve just removed it.

There have been a few questions so far about Enterprise subscriptions, so I’ll try to address those with some more information about what those mean for Elements. It’s the newest plan type that we offer, and currently makes up a pretty tiny proportion of overall subscribers.

There’s no single “Enterprise” plan or price point, as these are all tailored to specific customers. They generally differ from Regular and Teams subscriptions in terms of their size (6+ seats), or their access to different indemnification cover, custom licensing and account management.

However, even with the Oct 1 changes, each Enterprise customer contributes more to the pool of author earnings than a regular subscriber. Those customers are more costly and risky to acquire and retain though, when compared to the regular monthly/annual subscribers.

To Lumen’s question - yes, we’re absolutely investing more than just the value of this Enterprise revenue change in growing this part of our business, as we see this an an important source of new, high-value customers. On Muse-Master’s point - yes, they’re currently a small proportion of our subscribers. We’d like to attract a lot more of them for you, as there’s a lot of benefit to Authors and Envato.


wow this sounds amazing, we are so excited. envato gets 75% and we get 25% then the 15% tax cut is amazing. this is the very right decision. good good, I salute you.