Updates for Instagram Auto Post & Scheduler

Hello @postcode

Now that you have removed your products and don’t reply to your emails and did not fulfill the refunds I requested, please let me or anyone else who bought your product know what exactly is happening.

Your product stopped working 1 week after my purchase and now all the products and add-ons are removed

All I want it is the working app or a refund so I can carry on. This is very unprofessional. I paid a fortune for the extended license.

Please be ethical and I hope this topic reaches you on time before I take unnecessary actions.

Hi there,

First of all, you should consider that our response time might take up to 2 business days as displayed in item pages. You’ve sent refund request yesterday and today we offered you possible solution to approve your request. Accepting it or not is your choice.

As you can see in our website and codecanyon profile, we’ve not removed our items, we’ve just disabled them temporarily. This issue is related to the instagram which affects all similar script and services. We’ve disabled the items just to prevent new sales until the issue is resolved.

All authors have a right to remove/disabled their items whenever they want without any explanation. That’s why Envato recommends to download the items just right after the purchase.

We don’t sell service, we sell script. And you’ve got what you’ve paid. We’ve write in our FAQ that, we’re not using official Instagram API in this script. This script is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Instagram or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.

Reading the item terms before the purchase was in your responsibility.

We’re working on a workaround for the issue. You can either wait for the update or accept the solution we’ve already offered to you.


I did not create this topic to make you look bad or accuse you of anything.
It is disappointing that your items vanish from Codecanyon download page just 1 days after the app is no longer functioning.

About this part, I don’t understand how does this make you “not responsible”. In fact, what you wrote up there means you are 100% responsible because it is not affiliated with anything or anyone. It is affiliated directly with you because you are the one who is in charge of maintenance.

As I mentioned in my request on Codecanyon, I am sorry if you find this wrong me looking for answers, all I needed was a response. Seems like my post on the forum triggered your awareness.

All I asked is a fixed date when you are going to fix the problem.
I know you are disappointed more than anyone else with the current situation and you must be going through a hard time with everyone else who purchased the item.

You started a great project with great features, something that was never developed before to this extent.

I am not here to fight you or argue with you. I just got disappointed that you disappeared without any trace.
It is not the refund that I am looking for.

Trust me I want the app back as much as you do because it is the best.

I don’t know if there is anything at all I can help you with, like a tester or if you need servers from different locations. I have all the resources. Just let me know


What was the solution they offered you?

That I should delete the post on the forum, remove the script from my server then they will give me a refund. That was the solution.

You certainly shouldn’t have to delete the post to receive a refund when everything you said was absolutely true.