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theme specific shortcodes need to work when user switch theme?


Yes, a shortcode should still function when you switch themes, it doesn’t have to be styled but it shouldn’t break


ok thank you


Are authors allowed to provide automatic updates using 3rd party websites?
Example wp-updates.com


Hi, if we create WordPress themes with redux admin panel and loading redux as a plugin will break the site and layout will be distorted until redux is installed. So for this reason we would get rejection or is it permissible.

Thanks in advance.


That’s a rejection, a theme must be able to run basic functions without any plugins, that’s blog, posts and pages.


Oh okay, i wonder why envato theme check plugin still showing errors in redux framework as its already been santized previously. They have already escape for instance, a button url and text inputs already santize and then they echo the variable, but envato theme check flagging it a warning.


I have another question, somewhere above i read we face rejection if we use if_plugin_exist so we should use if class_exis, but for the custom admin screen it is necessary and we can’t use the suggested function. So is it okay to use where there is no another option we would have?

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