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Gutenberg plugin is piece of crap - it have 2/5 rating on WordPress.org and does not work with 99% themes in 99% cases. I don’t understand how they want to include it to WordPress to replace TinyMCE - this will break 99% themes and plugins.
Try to install it with your themes, it never work and show a lot of JavaScript errors from itself (not from themes or plugins). It even conflicts with many WordPress JS core files too.
Also how it supposed to be used together with Page Builder based themes? Page Builders and Gutenberg break each other and have multiple conflicts.



we see many BIG changes and improvements that we cannot disagree with. However, there is few things that definitely have to be modified. We point them below and would be great if you can respond to them:

You write:

In cases where it is non-trivial to migrate users to the core feature because of existing presentational data, the custom functionality can continue to be used. For example, if CSS has been entered into a custom CSS feature, there is no need to migrate it to the core Additional CSS feature. The custom CSS feature can continue to be used. However, it must not be available to users who have not entered any CSS.

Customers, who have been using most popular themes for years and knows all options very well but actually had this field empty for some of their clients and now need it for some reason, will flood authors with questions about the missing field. Furthermore authors will be forced to point to 2 different places of this option in documentation. Therefore, in our opinion the sentence below should be removed:

„However, it must not be available to users who have not entered any CSS.”

You write:

Bundled plugins must be included in the main zip file.

If authors will put plugins into package, then anyone can upload those plugins on pirate sites and share with other. This is a silent acquiescence from Envato to piracy and we are sorry say this but this is unacceptable.

You write:

A global notification message asking the user to activate the theme or leave a review is allowed, but must be dismissable and must not be shown again once dismissed.

Any user/customer should know that is using unregistered version to avoid situation when dishonest developer after buying one license is building hundred of websites for clients. All Themeforest authors knows such situations very well. Information about registration should disappear ONLY after registration so the end user can be sure that is using legal and safe copy of the theme he paid for.

Thank you for your reply!


I cannot agree more, buddy.


+1 for metabox warning question.


Same question. 90% themes use this.


We have to agree with this one as well! +1


That’s great - thanks for this. Is this already in Envato Theme Check plugin, or are you just about to update plugin to skip checking TGMPA for that (or other similar issues)?


There are several reasons that we need the plugins to be in the zip file. However, as part of updating these requirements we re-examined many of the rules, including this one, and we decided that the plugins don’t need to be in the theme structure itself, just anywhere in the zip. That opened the way for offloading the plugins. Sorry for the delay.

Now the requirements are published, we should be reviewing to this rule, although there may be an adjustment period, so please bear with us. We’ll do what we can to minimise that.


We know things have been inconsistent in the past, but having the requirements published should help. As I’ve said elsewhere, there may be an adjustment period, but we’ll be working on it.


Hey Stephen, many thanks for your reply.

  1. The WordPress customizer: I agree with that :slight_smile:

  2. This topic is very complex. Please take the time to understand it. ACF Pro is nested in my themes, so the user does not have to manually install or update this plugin. Some time ago I added ACF Pro as an installable plugin -> The plugin had to be manually installed and activated. The problem, they can not update this plugin because they need a license key. This is very inconsistent because I need to make sure that ACF Pro works perfectly with the latest design version. But it is allowed to use the plugin only in combination with premium themes: https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/including-acf-in-a-plugin-theme/. Therefore, the best way to add ACF Pro as a nested plugin is to make sure the user always uses the correct version. This is the best and most user-friendly way for all users.

The requirements say: Note: Included third-party plugins do not need to meet these requirements, but theme-specific plugins must meet the WordPress Plugin Requirements.

@StephenCronin So is everything alright for me and my themes working with the nested ACF Pro plugin, even if the envato theme check creates a lot of warnings and requirements by ACF Pro (third-party plugin) with the theme check?


@jamesgiroux @StephenCronin

As I understand we have 12 month to update ALL WordPress themes to meets ALL new requirements (including all old requirements, that may not meet some very old themes). What will be happened if some themes was not updated or some things will be missed in updates? Do you disable (hard or soft) all this themes from listing after 12 months in automatic way, without first notice? For example some top Themeforest authors have 300+ themes on their single accounts, most of all this themes are old and does not meets a LOT of current requirement (data validations, etc). I think for them this is not possible to update 300 themes even in 12 months (because they have a lot of themes) and because some of themes code is very very outdated (when they made themes we have WordPress 3.x with another requirements, and now we near WordPress 5.x release). All this old themes will be rejected from Themeforest? I think around 80% themes on Themeforest released few years ago, and was not updated with all new requirements (because authors don’t have money to release updates for very old themes, that nobody buys within years, but they don’t want to disable this items - to provide support and plugins updates for existing thousands of customers). So do you mean that 80% of themes (millions of old themes) will be disabled from Marketplace after 12 months?


why do you want to sell obsolete themes that no longer work with the new requirements or new wordpress versions? That does not make sense.


Absolutely agree with this, make no sense to sell old themes.


Will this affect the current review time which is awesome 1 day for WordPress themes? (This review time got back to normal after 2 years as far as I know). Don’t tell me that after this announcement, it is going to affect the current review time. :frowning:

  1. Themes work with latest WordPress versions and have latest plugins. However they will show some warnings in Theme Check plugin, because some rules was changed. Some of this warnings can’t be solved without changing theme a lot - this will require that all existing customers ( THOUSANDS ) will be need to re-configure theme options and other things (because for new requirements this will work in another way and code) - this is not possible, because they have thousands of working sites (most of all with modified theme versions by clients) and don’t want to break it. Update like this will lead to THOUSANDS of 1 stars ratings.
    If we will just remove this themes from sale - this will break our company reputation, because thousands of users will not be able to get plugins updates and access support that they prolonged. This will give negative feedback everywhere.
  2. Old themes updated with new plugins and latest WordPress support, so customers can use old themes with new software. However this themes will not meet theme check rules that changed almost 2 times per year, for reasons that I described in #1.


I am worry about this as well. Now they will re-review MILLIONS of themes…


Yes a published requirement list definitely really help


This can be great way to remove some of themes which are low design quality.
So, if all WP themes must be reviewed - just use the same standard like the current one (about the design quality) and “out-of-date” themes will be removed.


It’s already part of the plugin. Just leave TGMPA filenames as-is and don’t rename them.


They will not remove low design quality themes (there are a lot of new themes with very crap design released this days). All new rules related only to code, not to design.