update Visual Composer in gymbase

hi, I should update the gymbase template for update, I also have to download the updated visual composer , but I am asked the paid downloads . But if I bought the template that includes visual composer because I have to pay for the download ?we are suffering hacker attacks and we suspect that entry occurs from visual composer.

Bundled plugin updates come via the author of the theme and when they update the download for that.

Bundled plugins do not give you a license to the plugin independently.

The link to download the visual composer (where I am asked to pay ) I have it sent to you because the visual composer can undergo the attacks.
So if I update the visual composer templates also you need to be updated without the need to download it ?

You need to download the latest version of the THEME - in there will be the latest version of the plugin (the version that this is will depend on what the author has done to update it yet).

You cannot directly download only the plugin itself as you don’t get a license for bundled plugins.

If in doubt as the the author of the theme.