Update video templates?

One of the video templates that I have downloaded needs to be updated. I was told from Adobe that I have to contact the original developer so that he/she may update his/her project that was posted for some time in order to use the template. Can someone help?

Hello. Have you contacted the developer? What did he/she answer you?

I have tried to find a way of contacting, or even tried to find some information on how to contact the developer. But I couldn’t find any.

It is necessary to update items at last every 2 years, i don’t know why people are ignoring this? Old items still make some sales, if not re-design them, make them fresh and modern.

What is the username of that author?
What item did you buy, and what kind of update you are looking for @thezealotsrevelation

You don’t have a profile on Envato. How could you download any video templates?

Go to the item page and click on to the username of the author, which will be to the right of the page… that will take you to the authors profile page. There you’ll find a contact box to the right.

I’m curious what needs updating though? While I agree with miseld that updating items to keep them fresh is never a bad idea… not doing so is unlikely to result in any kind of error message.

His/Her Username: Visual_A

Title Of Item: Epic Logo & Title (you will see the item thumbnail says “Imperium”)

Update Information: The whole project needs to be updated I believe.

This item was created in 2018. I bet there is no need to update it. You should contact the author.

Can you please give me guidance on how to E-Mail the developer? I went to his profile but I see no options on how to E-Mail him/her? I am new here so please understand. Thank you very much.

Where did you get this item?
Probably you don’t see contact form, because you have no account on Envato. If you do not have account, then you got this item from third parties. It’s illegal. And you can’t complain about broken illegal thing.

I have an account. I got this item under the name Visual_A. Title of item is “Epic Logo & Title”.

Then there must be the contact form as shown on screenshot above. Do you sign in when you visited his profile page? If not, there will be the message asking you to sign in.

Yes. When I enter the website, I am automatically signed in.